User Experience Optimization for Digital Media Agencies


Handset is a media and technology start-up company active in Greece. Our company manages news feeds and engages with users across different platforms.The company is with great pace pursuing the objective of building up a fast-growing and profitable digital portfolio and to establish journalism as a successful business model also in the digital world. We invest in people and technology while placing central focus on the diversity of our platforms.


UX/UI Design for Web & Mobile applications

Achieve customer loyalty with the latest UX/UI trends

Web Development – WordPress

Our WordPress portfolio speaks for itself. We focus on user engagement to increase conversion rates

Hosting Reseller – Provider

Our Hosting plans guarantee speed and the highest uptime percentage in the market

SEO Analysis for Digital media Agencies

We can guide on how to rank higher on Google with concrete steps

Google News Guidance

Be part of the Google news community and get more traffic

Digital Media – Branding & Development

We raise brand awareness for digital media agencies


Media companies have societal responsibility in a democracy, because they shape the way their readers, listeners, viewers, and users form their opinions.

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